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Overwhelmingly Violent Assault Case at Stanford

Stanford Police Case Number: IR #04-111-0335. Victim: Peter Cao; Suspect: Gabriele Scheler;

Read highlights first. the words in pale pink log Suspect lady Scheler's action, the words in light cyan log Victim Peter Cao's action.

This is an originally simple assault case with clear evidence; However, the suspect lady escaped from taking any lawful responsibility while the victim had suffered everything this suspect lady deserves.The case had baffled me(victim) as well as Stanford people for over five years. But no one would explain why it happened in this way. I therefore had to post my testimony on the web to clarify the issue; any doubt or question are welcomed to the assailant lady's website could be searched out from Stanford website.

First Encounter: 16:00 4/17/2004

At around 16:00 4/17/2004, I went to my office at room 121 of Condura Hall to work on the robot. When I arrived, no one was there; the door was open. I started working. Five minutes later, a lady came in. By that time, I have been working in that office for a month and I never knew the existence of this lady. I said:" Hello, my name is Peter, working for Pat. What's your name?" She told me her name and sit by her desk. (I didn't remember her name the first time.) We didn't talk for the next 5 minutes, both working ourselves by our desks in the office. And then I went out of the office for dinner.

She followed me out and stopped me in the Hall way and said:" Excuse me, where are you from." (This is how it started)

I told her:" I am from Cincinnati and working for Pat on the robot project." She asked:" What is the name of the robot." I said: "Nomad 200." She said:" You don't even know the name of the robot you are working on, do you."(Didn't I just tell her?) She said:" Show me your ID." I showed her my ID. She said: "I want a copy." I said:" I don't know where the copy machine is." She said: "Go to Kinko's" I said:" I don't know where the Kinko's is." She said:" Give me the original." I gave her my original ID (Cincinnati student ID). I asked her:" Can I learn your name again?" (I didn't remember the first time). She suddenly raised her voice:" I have to place my name here, otherwise nobody will know I work in this office." At the same time, she pulled out all name bars out of the name bar box, and spelled her name on one bar and placed the one with her name back to the name bar box. She went back to the office. I walked out of building and called Dongkyu (Dongkyu is my partner, a Stanford student, working in that office). I told Dongkyu:" There is a white lady who didn't allow me to get into the office." Dongkyu asked me: “Is that a Germany Lady?” I said: “Yes, She’s white.” Dongkyu told me to wait there and he'd come soon. Dongkyu and I met outside the building.

We went into the office. Dongkyu confirmed to her I worked with him for Pat on the robot project in that office. She shouted at us: "Leave me alone!" I asked her: "Can I have my ID back?" She flipped it over and asked: "Why is there no registration tag?" Dongkyu was very angry and told her: "It's none of your business!" To avoid further complication, I immediately stopped Donkyu and telling them: "She could have my ID". From here one could tell that I am very humble and reasaonble, while Scheler was trying again and again to find an excuse to pick on me.

After that Dongkyu and I went out of the office. Before left, Dongkyu called our boss, Professor Pat Langley, and reported the incident. Even after that, Dongkyu left and I went to dinner.

Many people use that office and I had no complication with anyone there before and after. The robot was placed in the middle of the office for over a month. My boss allowed me to work there with the robot already placed there. Neither the robot nor I invaded her office space by any chance.

Second Encounter: 21:30 4/17/2004

After dinner, when I came back to the office at around 21:30 (by this time, she has been confirmed of my legal status in the office by Dongkyu.), she was there by her desk. I went to my desk operating the computer.

She stood behind me, said:" Hi, stupid, idiot, turn back, talk to me. Do you understand English? Not someone from Cincinnati." I sit by my desk, ignoring her insulting words without a reply. She repeated the words. She wrote on the board:" No contractor". Even so, I did turn back and asked her what she wants. She asked me to leave. I said:” I have a lot to do, if you have a question, call Pat (our boss).” She said: "Why don't you call him." I said: "I don't have his phone number. Can I have my ID back?" She threw my ID on a desk next to me. I took back my ID and sit by my desk operating the computer.

She went out and came back with a gentleman. She had that gentleman told me I should show her my ID to stay in the office. I asked that gentleman:" Are you working for Pat? I am working on a robot project in this lab." I had a polite nice talk with that gentleman. He thought he don't want to involve. He left.

After that, she came to my desk and began slamming the robot, shaking my chair, turning off the computer I was working on. I said: "It's very impolite that you turn off my computer. Where did you get your education? It’s so different from mine." She then tried to grab my cell phone from my hand and said she wanted to call police. (There is a phone in the room next to her) I said:" Hey, you are going to break my phone. That's physical touch." She stopped and went to my desk and turned off the monitor. She suddenly turned back and said:" Hey, that's physical touch." (She's using my words against me. I didn't touch her anywhere.) At that moment, I thought this woman is sick; I got to leave. So I left.

I met this gentleman (whom she brought to the lab) unexpectedly days later. He told me his name is Chris (or Charles?), a short term visiting scholar from Kosovo reporting to Dr. Zalta (a CSLI Professor). He said he didn’t know her before that evening. And she did go upstairs confirmed to him I left the office that night.

Third Encounter: 15:00 4/18/2004

The next day at 15:00 of 4/18/04, I went to the lab again. The door was open; no one was there. I started working. She appeared after about half an hour. When she saw me, she immediately came to my desk and said:" You are here again, are we going to go through this all over again?"

She began shaking my chair, slamming the robot, punching the computer I was working on. I said:" Hey, that's not my computer, it's Pat's." She suddenly yelled:" It's not yours, you can't use it, you can't use it ..." at the same time, she grabbed the keyboard and bashed it on my broken finger (I had a fractured nailess ring finger on the right hand under medical therapy at the moment). I screamed loudly (first time) and stood up, walking to the other end of the lab. I called Dongkyu but no one picked up the phone. I left Dongkyu a message:" She's going to break my finger."

After that I went back to the robot and tried to shut down the robot for leave. She began to kick me on the body while I was facing the robot. I didn't respond. After a little while, I suddenly felt something stabbing my back. I was extremely scared and jump up and screamed loudly again (second time). I turned my face. I saw her holding markers still trying more stabs. I asked:" Why you want to do this."

I went out of the lab. She was out too. She locked the door. (We were both outside the lab now.) I grabbed the markers from her hand (she didn’t resist) and threw them away. She began punching my face, kicking me targeting at the groin. She got it. I told her:" Hey, you got it, very painful." She replied:" It's not good for fertilizer, eh?" (This is the most racy word I've ever heard) With no mercy, she kicked me harder and faster. I raised my legs within half of full reach to defend my body. (See photos. Many heavy kicks from her left bloody marks on my legs; those injuries were there even through thick clothes. I didn’t kick or punch her in return). During the process, I shouted twice: "Is there anybody here?" None showed up.

After several more kicks, she walked away and told me to follow her:" Come here." (Strange). I don't want to follow her. So I walked in the opposite direction. As I was approaching the lab door, she rushed back and drastically kicked me from beind again. I told her: "I have to get in, shut down the robot, take my stuff and go away." She said: "I can do that for you." I said:" No, you don't know how to shut down the robot. You don't know what I am going to take with me." She answered me with heavier kicks until I moved away from the lab door. And then she wanted me to follow her again. I walked in the opposite direction as she moved on. She came back and assaulted me again. This process repeated three or four times. (Some heaviest kicks are from back while I was fleeing, as shown in the photos). She finally allowed me to get in.

Once I got in, I went to shut down the robot. She waited for no more than 10 seconds, began assaulting me from back again. She kicked me, grabbed my jacket, threw it on the floor and stepped on it. I told her: "Be careful, my cell phone is inside." She grabbed my cell phone and went out of the building. I followed her out this time to get my phone back. Again, I told her I need to shut down the robot and take my stuff. She became peaceful and calm. She opened the door. We both went back to the lab.

She appeared very cooperative this time; even helped me unplugged the computer on the robot. I thought it's time she's ready to talk. I showed her marks on my jacket. She said she’d buy me a new jacket. I wrapped up my right leg of the pants and showed her the bruises on my leg. I said:" You see what you did on my leg." She looked down at my injured leg for a second and suddenly jumped up and said:" You like this, do you?" and kicked me on my bare leg. (There must be two people living in this body, I thought.) I was scared, jump up and screamed loudly (third time). She began kicking me targeting the groin again. No one can give me protection at that moment and I was in great danger. In self-defense, I pushed her away. She felt down on the floor and I immediately walked away. This was the point where she stopped her violence. Comment: I could easily overpower Scheler, if I wanted to fight with her, would I allow her to leave so many bloody injuries on my body?

Just before left, I found my cell phone missing. I asked her to give it back to me. She said she gave it back already (outside the building). I searched the lab. I didn't find it. I told her:" Without the cell phone, I won't leave." She said:" you can always buy a new one." I told her I have over 60 people of contact information there. I went out to search the hallway. When I came back, I found the cell phone lying in a place where I searched before, next to the trash bin. ("She hided it" is the only explanation) She said she'd call the police and made a call in front of me. I said:" Ok, I'll wait for the police coming." After a while, she said:" Maybe nobody will come." So I left.

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